GT Pallet Hybrid

GT Pallet Hybrid

Pallet ID

GT Pallet Hybrid - Model BD Full




48" x 40" x 5.75"  Top Deck Diagonal-Class
Double Face
Full 4-way


New Manufacture.
Material: Recycled plastic and wood.
Each pallet rated at 3,250 lbs capacity:
-Edge-racked 40" width: 34"  or 36" span.
-Edge-racked 48" width: 40"  or 44" span.



External Dimensions

Lenght: 48.00" 1219mm
Width: 40.00" 1016mm
Height: 5.75" 146mm




Weight Total: 73 lbs; 33kg.



Fork Tunnel Dimensions (48" side)

Length: 14.50" 368mm
Height: 3.00" 76mm



Fork Tunnel Dimensions (40" side)

Length: 12.50" 318mm
Height: 3.00" 76mm




Static Load: 135,000 lbs | 61,236kg
Dynamic Load: 10,000 lbs | 4,536kg
Rack Weight: 7,000 lbs | 3,175kg
Stack stored 1o more unit
Loads high: 12,000 lbs | 5,443kg




Top Deck: 80%
Bottom Deck: 90%


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